iPLAY All Sports Recap: Top Rio Olympics Moments

iPLAY All Sports Recap: Top Rio Olympics Moments

We list down the top Rio Olympics Moments that made every sports lovers’ August so memorable.

Though it’s been over for a few weeks now, we still can’t help but reminisce the top Rio Olympics moments that made an impact for us here at iPlay All Sports. Yes, the recent games have been marred by controversies but there were still other things that stood out. We saw one man’s dominance in athletics while another showed his greatness in swimming. We also saw a giant fall in women’s football while another giant got its first Olympic gold in the mens football event. This year’s Olympics were truly memorable and we’ve listed down what we think are its greatest moments.

Michael Phelps Dominates Yet Again

First in our Top Rio Olympics moments would have to be Michael Phelps domination in swimming. Coming out of retirement in 2014, Phelps was intent on giving America a chance to come out on top of the swimming events again. Well, he did more than just that. By the end of his fifth Olympics, Phelps won 5 gold medals in 6 of the events that he participated in. More importantly, he was able to solidify his legacy as the best swimmer to compete in the Olympics. His record 28 total medals made him the most decorated Olympian since the games started giving them out.

Usain Bolt Is The Fastest Man Alive

Another man who deserves a spot in our Top Rio Olympics Moments would have to be Usain Bolt. The Jamaican sprint king once wowed the crowd in Brazil with his dominance of the 100m and 200m sprints as well as the 4X100m relay. What was impressive in his wins was the fact that he made them all look so effortless. Watching the events he was on, I was amazed at how everyone else seemed to be chasing Usain’s back. In winning the gold medals for these events, Bolt became the only athlete to not lose in the Olympics. I really doubt that there would be any other athlete that could come close to what Bolt has accomplished.

Brazil Wins Their First Olympic Gold In Football

No, Brazil didn’t make it to our Top Rio Olympics moments because they were the host country. They made it here because they were able to make history. Believe it or not, the Brazilians have never ever won gold in the Olympics for men’s football. Crazy, considering they’re best known for being a football-crazy country. Additionally, the win helped bury the shameful defeat Neymar Jr. and the Brazil Selecao suffered 2 years ago. During that time, Brazil suffered a 7-1 beating against the same German team they beat in the Olympics finals this year.

Katie Ledecky Awes Everyone

Katie Ledecky is on our top Rio Olympics moments list thanks to her dominant outing in the games. Well, dominant is really an understatement considering her performance. I mean did you see the time she posted in the 800-meter freestyle final? I still remember thinking how surreal it was to see the world record pace she set (8:04.79) on that day. Though we might never see Bolt and Phelps again in the next Olympics, its still good to know that at least we’ll still see Ledecky.

Nikki Hamblin and Abbey D’Agostino Exemplify the Olympic Spirit

Though they didn’t medal in their event, New Zealand’s Nikki Hamblin and the US’s Abbey D’Agostino did manage to win everyone’s heart. After they collided in the women’s 5000m, D’Agostino ended up tearing her ACL. Instead of leaving her behind though, Hamblin chose to help her American opponent to finish the race. Hamblin went on to complete in the final while D’Agostino bowed out. Regardless of the outcome though, both athletes’ show of sportsmanship earned them the Rio 2016 Fair Play Award.

Agree with our list? What were the top Rio Olympics moments for you? Make sure to share your thoughts with us down on the comments section below!


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