Mick Fanning three-time world champion announces retirement

Mick Fanning three-time world champion announces retirement
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Three-time world champion Mick Fanning, has announced he will retire from world

surfing championship tour, at the aged 36.

Mick Fanning announced he was changing his direction in posts on his Instagram account. (shortly after the announce Fannings account reached over 120K likes).

It’s time. I’ve decided the Rip Curl Pro Bells Beach will be my last event as a full-time competitor on the World Surf League Championship Tour. The tour has given me so much but I need a fresh challenge. I still love the game but can’t find the motivation and dedication required to compete for World Titles anymore. My time on tour has been incredibly rewarding and I have so many amazing memories, all of which wouldn’t be possible without some very special people… My Mum, Dad, Sister and Brothers. I love you. My sponsors that have stood by me and continue to back my goals. My shaper Darren Handley and his entire team for the care and hard work they put into every single one of my boards. My fellow competitors on tour, you are like brothers and sisters to me. My very tight support crew that have been there in good and tough times, thank you for always being honest with me. And thanks to the fans and everyone that has encouraged me and cheered me on for all these years. I’m looking forward to life away from the tour while keeping a close eye on things. I’m so proud of our sport and the way it continues to evolve. The performance level on the Championship Tour and the Big Wave Tour is remarkable. I can’t wait to watch it all go down as one of the sport’s biggest fans. I’m also looking forward to evolving my own surfing in new ways, visiting unfamiliar places and taking on different experiences. I will be competing at the opening event at home on the Gold Coast and then wrapping things up at the Rip Curl Pro. Bells Beach is where my Championship Tour career really kicked off, I’ve always loved the place and it seems a fitting stop to finish things up. It’s gonna be a big fun party and you’re all invited to come. Hope I see you there. Cheers and thanks for the memories. Mick @ripcurl_aus @redbullau @reef @dhdsurf @dragonalliance @creaturesofleisure @vertra @fcs_surf @skullcandy @mercedesbenzvans_au @opkix @grapes @mfsoftboards @balterbrewers

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The 36-year-old will surf in two final events this year on the Gold Coast and Bells Beach, the venue of his first tour win back in 2001.

Fanning wrote; “The tour has given me so much, but I need a fresh challenge,”

“I still love the game but can’t find the motivation and dedication required to complete for world titles any more.”

Fanning thanked his family, his sponsors, surfboard shaper Darren Handley, fellow competitors and his support crew.

“And thanks to the fans and everyone that has encouraged me and cheered me on for all these years,” Fanning said.

He said he was looking forward to life away from the tour and evolving his own surfing, “visiting unfamiliar places and taking on different experiences”.

One of Australia’s best-known surfers, Fanning reached the pinnacle of his sport when he claimed world title wins in 2007, 2009 and 2013.

Fanning’s mother Elizabeth Osbourne said she was happy for her son.

“He’s had such an amazing career, no-one could ask him to do anything else and I think he’s handled everything so professionally and I’m so proud of him. I’m glad he’s retiring if that’s what he wants to do,” she said.

“He’s the youngest of five and we’re a very close-knit family and he’s a really beautiful person that cares about other people.

“He’s a true champion in the sense of being a good human being and I’m just very happy that he followed his dream.”

Mick fanning fights off a shark during South African competition in 2015

The Australian surfing legend became a household name when he came face-to-face with a great white shark during the WSL broadcast at J-Bay Open final in South Africa in 2015.

Dramatic vision viewed from around the world showed a shark thrashing in the water near Fanning during his final.

Fanning said he had punched and kicked out at the shark as it broke his leg rope.

“I just saw fin! Didn’t see the teeth, I was waiting for some teeth to come at me as I was swimming. I punched it in the back … I’m happy to not even compete ever again. Seriously, to walk away from that, I’m just so stoked,” Fanning said after the event.

Mick Fanning
WSL: Kirstin Scholtz

Eleven-time world champion surfer Kelly Slater watched on in disbelief.

Overcoming his tragedies

After the shark incident, Fanning again hit the headlines when he competed in the Pipeline Masters only hours after learning about the death of his brother.

Fanning was driven to compete in the event in honour of his eldest brother Peter.

“Today was one of the most challenging days of my life! But I knew I could find the strength to take part in the final event of the season. Because that’s what Pete would want,” Fanning said.

Fanning also lost his older brother Sean, who died in a car accident in 1998.

Best beach buddy in the whole world!! @ripcurl_aus 📷 @edsloanephoto

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Mick Fanning’s American girlfriend staking her claim to him on social media after he announced his retirement.

Breeana Randall, 25, praised the three-time world surfing great. Today in one of the first photos posted online of the pair.

Calling him her “McMuffin”, I am proud of Fanning.Breeana Randall and Mick Fanning

He will ride his last wave as a professional surfer at Rip Curl Pro at Bells Beach later this month.

As quoted in his instagram post Fanning wrote; Here’s your chance to be my VIP and help me say goodbye to the sport I love.

Click the link his bio or go to omaze.com/mick to enter.

As to Mick Fanning future plans? We wish you all the very and and we will be watching your social pages.


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