Three Day Metro Pass Step 1 Seville

Three Day Metro Pass Step 1 Seville
Photo Credit To Fred Murray

Kilian Roth spins it and slings it over this gap © Fred Murray

The shots and stories behind the Spanish adventure that didn’t quite go to plan.

Some of the best BMX professionals together to search, find and ride street spots in cities across the world with public transport being their only way of getting about.

Hitting the streets of Seville, in search of adventure and sweet local riding spots; Anthony Perrin, Diogo Santos and Kilian Roth set off with a Three Day Metro Pass and a hunger for taking their BMXs to a new level.

The trip didn’t go exactly to plan, but photographer Fred Murray was on hand to capture all the action and report back from three days of Spanish shenanigans…

Not watched the edit yet? See all the action from Seville here.

Three Day Metro Pass Step 1 Seville


Diogo Santos plays the waiting game in the Metro © Fred Murray

“Summer in Seville is notoriously hot. A hidden bonus of using the Metro in the Spanish city is the rocket-powered air conditioning available throughout the underground system.”

Anthony Perrin and Diogo Santos catch 40 winks © Fred Murray

Scouting Seville

We kept out of the Spanish heat where possible and let the Metro do the majority of the leg work for us, as we searched Seville for good places to ride.

Diogo Santos resurfaces from the Metro © Fred Murray

Killan under a bridge searching for a trick spot © Fred Murray

Crowd pleaser

Anthony Perrin was grabbing much of the early attention. His hangover tooth drew in the biggest crowd, while his locked in ice on a set of rails got a group of kids, who’d gathered to watch the action, very excited.

Anthony Perrin makes a hangover tooth © Fred Murray

Anthony Perrin locks in an ice © Fred Murray

Anthony found a great spot below one of the main bridges linking the two sides of Seville, though as you can see it involved an awkward run-up onto a very tight quarter.

Anthony Perrin slings the bars in a tight spot © Fred Murray

Everyone was super nice wherever we went. Thanks to the woman who offered us fresh water in one particular neighbourhood after watching us from her window!

Kilian Roth with a barspin to ice © Fred Murray

Sometimes tricks don’t go to plan

It was the second day of the trip when things started going awry – Kilian had been on fire that afternoon, bagging a bunch of heavy clips and his special level was flashing like crazy.

This pegs to crank 180 was not easy for Killan © Fred Murray

So, we round the corner and an amazing line of big narrow stairs awaited us. Kilian was straight up there and lined up the nollie bars and then a half cab on the big second set, and unfortunately the end result was not what was wanted.

“Kilian got worked on a big half cab to end a line and it looks like he’s blown out his ACL. Needless to say the locals were super nice and made sure he was ok.”

Man down. Killan blows out his ACL © Fred Murray

The dude is just too stylish and he tucked too much and over-rotated a little hard and was sent over the bars with his leg twisting away from his body, resulting in a mangled ACL. Good luck for a speedy recovery!

Powering through

Diogo also took a bad spill on a tight transition located under one of the main bridges linking the two sides of the city, falling on his pedal with his back, but the trooper battled through and kept riding until the last day.

Diogo with a late night gap to nosebonk © Fred Murray

A hop gap to nose manual 180 from Diogo Santos © Fred Murray

Diogo Santos gaps from the stairs over the rail. © Fred Murray

Even our film crew was struggling with a back that felt like a bag of concrete! Riding bikes is great like that though – even when you’re out of commission you can still cruise out with your friends enjoying what they have going on and thankfully for this trip we let the Metro do all the leg work.


Post source : RedBull

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