Social Features

Social Features – iPLAY® offers an array of social-network features, user profiles, activity streams, user groups, forums, Chat and so much more.

The below Social Features is a brief outline available to all iPLAY® members;


  • Favourites – All your favourites forums, articles, comments in one area.
  • Friends – Have a look at your friend’s activity.
  • Groups – Your activity related to the groups you’re joined.
  • Mentions – Public messages friends have sent you.
  • Personal – Update your status; say what’s on your mind.


  • Community Announcements – Any member, team, club and/or group can apply/notify iPLAY® to have any sporting event promoted in the relevant front page location/s, or advance to author status to be featured on the exclusive front page.
  • Favourites – All your favourite topics in one page layout.
  • Like and Unlike – pages, posts, comments and topics.
  • Members – Can create new topics, posts, attach photos, videos, even share web links into any of the private, public and group forums.
  • Replies – All the replies you published in forums.
  • Subscriptions – Find all your Topics you have subscribed too.
  • Topics – Easily find all the topics you have started or you have joined.


  • Friendships – Establish connections between members. View of all your friends, you can also check who’s currently active.
  • Requests – Add friends and accept pending friendship requests.
  • Search – Find new friends with similar interests by viewing each member’s profile (Favourite Sport/s and Club/Team).
  • Track – Activities of friends or friends of friends.


  • Community Announcements – Any team, club and/or group can apply/notify iPLAY® to have any sporting event promoted in the relevant front page location/s, advance to author status to be featured on the exclusive front page.
  • Invitations – Check if you have any outstanding group invites. The group can also approve requests to join the private group, invite friends to a hidden group, establish communications among members, extend privileges to other members, and enable new features within the group, among others.
  • Memberships – Gather friends together by creating a public, private or hidden group/s. A list of all the groups you’re joined.


  • All Members – Can modify their account and notification settings directly from within their profile settings.
  • Community Announcements – Any member can apply/notify iPLAY® to have any sporting event promoted in the relevant front page location/s.
  • My friends – Manage your friends list.
  • Search – Find other members and add new friends.


  • All Members – Have their own individual In box, Sent box and Drafts folder.
  • Internal Messaging – Send and Receive private emails from members in your friends list within your private messaging panel.
  • Notices – Message all friends and/or groups about breaking news, special event/s or simply expressing yourself.
  • Notifications – Members will be notified of any new messages, by a message count as well as email notifications if enabled.
  • Starred – Highlight with a star any important messages.


  • All Notifications – Group’s invitations, friendship request, messages, likes and so on will appear in notifications tab.


  • Edit – Modify your profile information.
  • Change Profile Photo – Download or take a photo, even use your web cam photo for use in your profile to show throughout the site or use yourself Gravatar (a globally recognised avatar that registered users can use automatically on various blogging sites).
  • View – Showcase your profile to the social community members, to attract new friends with similar interests.


  • Email – Choose a selection of features you can be notified by email.
  • General – Set or change your email and password.
  • Profile Visibility – Set who can see your profile information.

Chat? Yes another great way to communicate with friends, with so many features.

Chat with each other as well as their Gtalk friends. That’s not all! You can share pictures, collaborate together with write boards, broadcast videos, play games and a lot more while maintaining your privacy.

Members can view whose online list and will automatically display your friends (or other online users) and with a single click enables you to start chatting in real-time.

The Chat module is found in the bottom right hand side of your browser.

Chat Room Privacy

  • Members can create public, invitation only and password protected chat rooms. Your users can also invite their friends.

Group Chat:

  • Members can gather into a single place using chat-rooms. You can create public, password protected and invitation-only chat-rooms.

Gtalk Chat:

  • Now social networking couldn’t get any easier with a seamless hassle-free integration.

Join the Conversation:

  • Users are chatting and need a few friends to join urgently. Now you can send friends an invitation to join the chat-room.


  • Members don’t stand a chance of missing any notifications; you are sent an alert about notifications.


  • Users can inform their friends or other users about your online availability by setting your status message. (Available, Busy and Off-line)

Translate Conversation:

  • Members can translate their conversation with a choice from 53 languages.

Translate Pages:

  • Members can also choice from 53 languages and translate the entire iPLAY® website pages.

Other Chat Features:

Block or Unblock Users:

  • You can now block or unblock members at your own discretion.

Colour Text

  • You can make your messages stand out in any chat-room by giving the text a colour of your choice.

Delete Conversations

  • Now with a single click you can delete lines of conversations from all the chat or chat-rooms.

Icons – Smiles

  • Users can now emote with the wide range of smileys. With so many smiley’s, there is a right one for every mood.

Play Games:

  • Play 25+ listed games by sending a game request to a friend or play over 230+ single player games.

Report Conversation:

  • You can report any conversation you find inappropriate, offensive and/or not within Terms and Condition of Use.

View Chat History:

  • Appears in pop up window to review your chat timeline.