Pacquiao-Horn rematch in smaller venue, higher ticket prices

Pacquiao-Horn rematch in smaller venue, higher ticket prices
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The Pacquiao-Horn rematch will likely take place in a smaller venue in Boondall. Australia’s Jeff Horn scored one of boxing’s greatest upsets by defeating the one and only 8-division world champion Manny Pacquiao. Horn became the new WBO welterweight champion via a unanimous decision last July 2. The fight was witnessed by a crowd of 51,000, mostly Australians, cheering for Horn at the Suncorp Stadium in Brisbane, Australia.

However, the rematch won’t likely be happening at the same venue. It will probably be held at the Brisbane Entertainment Centre in Boondall, a smaller venue with a crowd capacity of 15,000. This will mean higher ticket prices as the venue is smaller.

From an open venue in the first fight, the Pacquiao-Horn rematch will now be happening in an enclosed arena. The reason for the change of venue is the weather as the rematch is rumored to be scheduled in either November or December.

Pacquiao-Horn rematch

Pacquiao lost the WBO welterweight title to Horn when the judges scored the 12-round match 117-111, 115-113 and 115-113. Right after the match, Pacquiao said he respects the decision of the judges. Pacquiao, one of the world’s greatest boxers, had a clause for a return fight. And, immediately after his defeat, he said he is willing to return to Brisbane for a rematch.

Horn’s head trainer Glenn Rushton, in an interview with Channel 7, said that the change of venue is likely because of the unpredictable hot weather by the end of the year. This means than an open venue will make it difficult to hold the fight as there is the risk of a bad weather.

However, Duco Events promoter Dean Lonergan said that it is still too early to be talking about where the rematch will be held. He added that he is still in talks with the Queensland Government about it. Duco Events is the Top Rank’s co-promoter for Horn.

The rematch is also likely to happen by the end of the year to allow both fighters to recover. And, if this is the case, Lonergan said that it would be better to hold the rematch at the Brisbane Entertainment Centre. He also cites the unpredictable weather as the reason why Suncorp might not make a good venue then.

Lonergan said that he’d prefer to hold the rematch in Queensland after getting a huge support from its government and the public. Thus, holding it in Sydney or Melbourne is out of the question.

Brisbane and nowhere else

Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk said that the Horn rematch will be held in Brisbane and nowhere else. She and Lonergan have already started to plan to ensure that the rematch will not be happening anywhere else.

They will have to plan ahead as other states and countries will surely bid to have the rematch in their respective areas. There has been talks about Pacquiao wanting the rematch in his country, the Philippines.

The fight was deemed by many as close with Horn owning the first rounds and Pacquiao the later rounds. Two of the judges have scored it at 115-113 while the lone female judge had it at 117-111. The Philippines Games and Amusement Board has requested WBO to review the fight. This after Pacquiao said the decision was unfair to him, contradicting his earlier claims that he respects the decision.

WBO announced last Friday that a review will be done. But, regardless of the result, the decision will not be reversed. Horn will remain as the winner and the new WBO welterweight champion. According to the WBO, the only way they can revoke Horn’s win is if there was fraud in the officiating.

Some 5 anonymous judges will do the review. They will watch the fight minus the commentary. Waleska Roldan of New York, the lone female judge, also received flak for scoring the match 117-111.




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