NBA All Star Game 2018 Results: Team Lebron secures the win

NBA All Star Game 2018 Results: Team Lebron secures the win
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Team Lebron wins the NBA All Star Game 2018 after trouncing Team Stephen, 148-145.

Going into the NBA All Star Game 2018, I was expecting a lot of good things. With the recent changes to the event, there was genuine hope that it would become interesting again. And you know what? For the most part, it was kind of exciting. Team Lebron secured the 148-145 win after getting blown out in the first quarter. Surprisingly, the teams also played defense once in a while. Despite the interesting change in format though, the ASG still didn’t feel as exciting as it once was.

Team Lebron with the comeback

Before I rant about the 2018 NBA All Star Game, let’s first talk about that Team Lebron comeback. Down 42-31 after the first quarter, Lebron James and company went on to win the ASG 148-145. A lot of this had to with the fact that Team Lebron all had mobile big men. Kevin Durant and Anthony Davis constantly posed problems for Team Curry’s bigs with their range. In addition, Team Lebron also featured a speedy lineup with Kyrie Irving and Victor Oladipo.

Despite a stacked lineup though, Team Lebron almost lost the game to Team Stephen’s hot shooting. Featuring shooters Stephen Curry, James Harden, and Damian Lillard, the team looked poised to coast early on. Unfortunately, the 3’s became much harder to come by as the game went on. A big reason for this was due to Team Lebron actually playing good 4th quarter defense. A lineup that featured James, Durant, Irving, and Russell Westbrook was near unstoppable in the fourth. In fact, this very same lineup erased an 11 point Team Steph lead with 5:18 to go in the period. Then with 34.5 seconds left, Lebron scored on a finger roll give his team the lead. Team Steph still had a chance to tie with the game’s last possession. However, James and Durant managed to force Curry to pass as the clock winded down. Team Lebron eventually won the game 148-145 with the King winning his 3rd All Star Game MVP.

Entertaining but not exciting

Now I know I’m in the minority when I say that the NBA All Star Game wasn’t exciting. Yes, it was entertaining but it didn’t feature any tension whatsoever. I expected to see guys getting into each other’s grill and being competitive on defense. What I got was an offensive display that was just that.

I understand that it’s a bit too much to ask for a playoff atmosphere in an NBA All Star Game. The thing is though, I think that’s the only way the ASG can become relevant again. Yes, the playground style draft has made the event a lot more palatable and less one-sided. I’d love for it to actually be the norm from this point forward. With that said, I think it would be nice if there was a lot more at stake in the annual event. Right now, players from the winning team will each get $100000. In addition, the winning team will then donate $350000 to the charity chosen by their captain. Yes, these are impressive incentives and will no doubt make the games more competitive. With that said, I feel like the league can still make the ASG even more competitive by upping the prizes.

Back to reality

Now that the 2018 NBA All Star Game is done, teams can now focus on the playoffs. With less than a couple of weeks to go, this is perhaps the most crucial part of the regular season. James Harden and the Rockets now sit on top of the Western Conference. In the East, it’s DeMar DeRozan and the Toronto Raptors. Impressive as their records may seem though, their current place in the standings aren’t set in stone. The Warriors are just half a game behind the Rockets and could still overtake them. For the Raptors, the new-look Cavs and the Celtics could still make moves on the number 1 spot. The ASG might have been entertaining but the race to the end of the regular season is definitely more exciting.


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