MGO 3 Cloaked In Silence DLC: Breaking Competitive Balance?

The MGO 3 Cloaked In Silence DLC is now out but it seems that it’s got some problems with matchmaking.

I’ve been playing around with both the MGO3 Cloaked in Silence DLC since it released last Tuesday and I’ve actually been having fun. On the other hand, I feel that the competitive balance of the game has been compromised. Well, at least for public matches. Although the DLC brought with it an additional game mode and special character, its current matchmaking has stuck out among casual players like me.

What’s New With The MGO 3 Cloaked In Silence DLC?


The new Sabotage game mode is perhaps one of the best features that the Cloaked in Silence DLC added to MGO3. Like a CTF game mode, players are divided into two teams of defenders and attackers. The main objective of the game is for the team of attackers to extract a Nuke defended by the opposing team. To get to the nuke though, the attackers will first need to shut down its electro-magnetic security system. This is done by hacking into several terminals strewn across the map.

The new game mode is actually pretty similar to Comm Control but way more exciting thanks to the sub-objectives. Unlike other game modes, teams need to have at least an Enforcer, Scout, and Infiltrator in their ranks if they want to win at Sabotage. The meta for this game mode is actually pretty balanced. The Infiltrator’s role is to shut down the EM security system while the Scout provides support and marks the enemy teams. As for the Enforcer, they’ll be extremely reliable for extracting nukes (as well as protecting the whole extraction process).

A Unique Playable Character.

Aside from the new game mode, the MGO 3 Cloaked in Silence DLC also features the addition of Quiet. For those who’ve played the base game, Quiet is a powerful and useful NPC that the player can add as an ally. With the DLC though, players finally have the chance to actually play as her and not just order her around like in the base game.

For the most part, she plays similar to a scout in that she uses a Sniper Rifle. Unlike other characters though, she has the ability to sprint faster as well as jump straight up ladders. These abilities make her extremely mobile and counters the offensive firepower of Venom Snake and Revolver Ocelot. To balance her out though, she’s unable to use fultons and is at a complete disadvantage in close quarter firefights.

Patting and Matchmaking.

Two other notable changes included in the DLC are the Patting mechanic and Matchmaking. Patting was aimed to address the complaint that it was too easy for players to revive stunned teammates. This was very disadvantageous for players or teams that relied on non-lethal strategies. With the patting mechanic in place, the animation for waking up stunned teammates will take longer thereby making it more dangerous.

Along with patting, Konami also introduced a ranking system to be used for matchmaking. Players will now get ranks based on their performance after every match. Everyone will start out at F rank and slowly move up until they reach A. Ideally, every team should have a mix of highly-ranked and lower ranked players. This hasn’t been the case in the matches I’ve played so far though.

Why Fix It If It Isn’t Broken?

For the most part, Konami actually got the MGO 3 Cloaked in Silence DLC right. At $3.99, it’s actually quite affordable and adds a lot to the base MGO 3 game. The patting mechanic and the inclusion of Quiet as well as new maps and a game mode were actually welcome changes. However, I simply can’t ignore the fact that the matchmaking is completely off. I’ve had a lot of instances where I jumped into a match and our team of 3 got overwhelmed by the 8 players from the opposing team. 3 versus 8 isn’t fair matchmaking. It’s a joke and it breaks the game for me. If this were your first time to play MGO 3 and you were doing good, how would you feel if the game rewarded you by placing you in a 2 or 3 man team?

I said in my previous article about Metal Gear Online 3 that it has a lot going for it. With the type of matchmaking now though, I think that I might have to take back my words. Konami probably doesn’t want MGO3 to be a competitive shooter. The problem now though is that it seems that they also don’t want it to be a casual online third-person shooter as well. Matchmaking wasn’t the problem with vanilla MGO3. It was the lack of content/maps and game modes that made it a middle-of-the-pack competitive shooter. The DLC addressed this but also produced other problems.

Still Not Too Late.

It’s still isn’t too late for Konami. Hopefully they can change what needs to be changed during their server maintenance days. I actually want to think that the matchmaking fiasco is just a blip in the DLC’s development that went unnoticed. Overall, the MGO3 Cloaked In Silence DLC is still great but I feel that it could be better. Whether it gets better though is all up to Konami right now.

So have you played Metal Gear Online 3? What are your thoughts about the recent Cloaked in Silence DLC? Do you think Konami did the right thing by changing matchmaking? Go ahead and share your thoughts down on the comments section below!

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