Metal Gear Online 3 (PC): The Best Competitive Stealth Shooter?

Metal Gear Online 3 just dropped for PC and we check out whether it’s any good.

People wouldn’t normally equate Metal Gear Online 3 with competitive shooters. However, as I played the multiplayer expansion to Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, I couldn’t help but think that it was perfect eSports. MGO 3 builds on the excellent combat of MGS V: TPP and then some.

What Makes Metal Gear Online 3 Different?

First off, Metal Gear Online 3 isn’t just your run-of-the-mill third person shooter. It actually incorporates the stealth elements that the Metal Gear franchise is known for. If you’re used to a run and gun play style like COD then this game isn’t for you. Running around as well as shooting your guns will alert the opposing team to you. You’ll suddenly find yourself surrounded and killed or tied to a balloon and kidnapped. MGO 3 is quite possibly the only competitive shooter that I know of that rewards stealthy play.

Another feature that makes Metal Gear Online 3 different are its game modes. At first glance, Bounty Hunter might not differ from other shooters’ team death match mode. This mode starts off with two teams being given an equal amount of tickets. For a team to win, members need to whittle down the tickets of their opponents. To do so, the team members have to either kill opposing players or have them fultoned/kidnapped. Players who are able to kill other players are then given bounties. These bounties are like a mark that indicates how many opposing players someone has killed.

Now, what makes this game mode fun is that you can fulton/kidnap these players to add their bounties to your ticket count. Of course, fultoning a player isn’t as easy as it looks. You’ll need to use non-lethal techniques to do so. In turn, this will leave you at a disadvantage since using these techniques require stealth and careful planning. Pull it off successfully though and you could change the tide of battle.

I haven’t really played much of the other game modes though. Cloak and Dagger and Comm Control look to be CTF variations and I’m not really interested in those. In my opinion, if Konami wanted MGO 3 to be a full-blown eSport then it needs to just focus on Bounty Hunter for now.


Metal Gear Online 3 isn’t a perfect competitive shooter by any means. The most glaring issue I have with it is the overpowered Infiltrator class. Now, the game has three soldier classes that correspond to different play styles. The Infiltrator uses a device called Stealth Camo that allows him/her to get close to the enemy without being seen. In my playthroughs, I’ve found that this class is the easiest to level up with. There were times when I racked 4 or 5 kills in one round even though I wasn’t really playing well. Forget about Scouts and Enforcers, if you want to cheese other players then the Infiltrator is the way to go.

Other than the classes, I’ve also had an issue with regard to the maps. I like that they’re well thought out but some of them just seem to be too big. I know that this was by design but I feel that players would prefer small or medium sized maps more. These allow us to initiate action faster instead of running around to look for enemies. Make no mistake about it, I still want to be able to use stealth. However, I don’t want to spend minutes at a time on reconnaissance and scouting.

Is Metal Gear Online 3 Any Good Then?

In my opinion, Metal Gear Online 3 is the best competitive third person shooter around. I really loved its use of Metal Gear Solid V’s stealth mechanics. It’s something that you don’t usually find in other shooters these days. It might have its share of drawbacks but these can be easily patched. The only hurdle that I see with MGO being an eSport is Konami’s dedication (or possible lack thereof) to it. Since the company has cut ties with the game’s creator, fans are now worried that the game might be affected as well. Konami has responded to inquiries by saying that they will continue supporting the game. It remains to be seen though if they really are committed to MGO 3.

I really see a lot of potential in this game. It’s great for casual players as well as for competitive gamers. In fact, its novel way of approaching competitive gaming reminded me a bit about Rocket League. Hopefully, Konami releases Metal Gear Online 3 as a stand-alone title in the future. I guarantee that it’s going to be a hit in the eSports scene once that happens.

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