Marvel Vs Capcom Infinite Just Might Change eSports!

Marvel Vs Capcom Infinite Just Might Change eSports!

The eSports world expands yet again with Marvel Entertainment and Capcom announcing Marvel Vs Capcom Infinite at Sony’s Playstation Experience event yesterday.

Man, Marvel Vs Capcom Infinite is possibly going to be one of the genre-defining games for this gaming generation. With Street Fighter V not doing as good as its predecessor one year in, it’s up to the 4th MVsC game to drum up interest in fighting games and eSports. While I still think that the success of SFV is crucial to eSports, I also think there should be variety in the genre. This is where MVsC: Infinite comes in.

Banking on the MCU’s success

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has been on a roll lately. Disney and Marvel have come up with some of the most popular superhero movies in the past decade. And with their partnership with Capcom, I see Marvel’s stock growing even more. The last Marvel Vs Capcom game, though it had a lot of flaws, was beloved by the fighting game community. It didn’t really catch on though when the FGC officially became a part of the larger eSports community. At that time, it was games like Mortal Kombat X and Street Fighter V that was thought to bring fighting games and eSports to new heights.

Of course, that didn’t turn out as good as expected. Street Fighter V took a while to actually become really good and Mortal Kombat X just didn’t have the same kind of following. Now, Marvel Vs Capcom Infinite is in a position to elevate this genre of games. Fans of the MCU will surely want to check out this game when it comes out.

More platforms to play

Another good reason why Marvel Vs Capcom Infinite is going to do well is because of its multi-platform availability. The first generation of fighting games for the current gen platforms had one flaw. They were mostly exclusive to one or two platforms. Street Fighter V was only available on PC and Playstation 4. Mortal Kombat X coulnd only be played on the XBox One and Windows 10. With MVsC: Infinite being playable on all 3 platforms, I’ve no doubt that it’ll get a lot more players this time around. And the more players a game has, the more likely it’s going to succeed.

Toxicity in the MVsC Community

While Marvel Vs Capcom Infinite might be a good thing, I still have some issues with it. Well, not really the game but the community itself. You see, in my experience, the MVsC community has always had the most toxic of players. Yes, any gaming community has its share of toxic people but MVsC’s is different. It might be because the community itself s quite large and a lot of the toxic players are also very vocal.

With that said, I still feel that Capcom can somehow curb the community’s toxicity once the game drops. So far, it’s done a great job with Street Fighter V despite the game’s rocky start. Also, I feel that they are going to make the game more balanced now. Especially since that was one of the main reasons for players raging back in the day. A more balanced game should at least limit the toxicity of some of the players.

A great time to get into eSports

I’m calling it now, Marvel Vs Capcom Infinite is going to be one of the best fighting games when it does get released. Of course, I’ll be sure to talk more about it once I get my hands on more information. Right now, there are still only 6 characters announced for the game. Of course, this is still early in the development cycle and there’s bound to be lots more as Capcom works on it.


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