Jeff Horn upsets Manny Pacquiao; is new WBO welterweight champion

Jeff Horn upsets Manny Pacquiao; is new WBO welterweight champion
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The unthinkable has happened as Australia’s Jeff Horn upsets Manny Pacquiao of the Philippines in the fight tagged as the Battle of Brisbane. Horn bested Pacquiao, the first and only 8-division world champion, via a unanimous decision at the Suncorp Stadium. Judges scored the fight 117-111, 115-113 and 115-113, all in favor of Horn. The win makes Horn, a former school teacher, the new WBO welterweight world champion.

Will there be a rematch? Well, Pacquiao does have a clause for a return fight. And, he has said after the match that he is willing to return to Brisbane for a rematch. Horn’s camp seems to also have no problem with a rematch. Horn’s promoter, Dean Lonergan, has been quoted to have said, “If Manny wants to go again, hands up.

The 11-time world champion Pacquiao said that he respects the judges’ decision. And, he also conceded that Horn was the better man inside the ring. Horn, for his part, immediately called out Floyd Mayweather. While the fight was entertaining, many have thumbed down the decision. A controversial decision, however, is nothing new in the world of boxing.

Jeff Horn upsets Manny Pacquiao

Looks like Horn won’t be teaching in classrooms anytime soon after his win against Pacquiao. The 29-year-old just recorded one of the biggest upsets not only in Australian boxing but also in the history of world boxing. Horn came to the fight with a record of 16 wins, 11 KOs, 0 losses and 1 draw in 17 fights. Pacquiao, for his part, was backed with 59 wins, 38 KOs, 6 losses and 2 draws in 67 fights.

Before the match, Freddie Roach, Pacquiao’s trainer, said that Horn would not last for more than 3 rounds against his ward. However, the Australian puncher proved him wrong by going the distance and eventually wresting the WBO welterweight title. Horn was not about to disappoint a hometown crowd which packed the Suncorp Stadium in Brisbane.

The fight was brutal and bloody with both boxers absorbing punches to the face and shedding blood. Knowing the recognition that was at stake, Horn came out and immediately went for Pacquiao, pinning the world champion in the ropes in the first round.  Horn clearly owned the early rounds as the fight went on. A clash of heads between both boxers had Pacquiao suffering a cut at the top of his head which needed treatment in the 6th and 7th rounds. Then it was Pacquiao’s turn to dominate the later rounds especially in the 9th round when he hobbled Horn.

The round ended with Pacquiao inflicting a wound over Horn’s right eye. After that round, the referee approached Horn’s corner and told the boxer he’s had enough. The referee added that if Horn wasn’t going to show him something else in the next round, the fight was done.

Controversial decision

Horn may have absorbed some of the 8-division champ’s hardest punches but that did not stop him from going at Pacquiao.

When the decision was finally announced, there was a lot of jeering. Many were claiming that it was Pacquiao who won and that he was being robbed of a victory. According to several international sports personalities and celebrities, it was Pacquiao who truly won the Battle of Brisbane.  They, together, with many fans took to social media, especially on Twitter, to air their opinion.

There were claims that the fight was rigged from the start to set up a trilogy of Pacquiao vs Horn fight.

However, Pacquiao, in a post interview, said that he did not expect Horn to be a tough fighter. And, the 11-time world champion even conceded and said that he accepts and respects the judges’ decision.

What a huge day for Australia boxing. However, while Jeff Horn upsets Manny Pacquiao, the new WBO welterweight champion says it wasn’t the best thing that happened to him. That has yet to come later, with his wife now pregnant.


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