Astros versus Dodgers World Series: LA ties things up at 2-2

Astros versus Dodgers World Series: LA ties things up at 2-2
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Game 4 of the Astros versus Dodgers World Series ends in a win for LA.

The Astros versus Dodgers World Series has so far been unpredictable. The Dodgers’ game 4 win might change that though. Prior to game 3, neither team has really showed that it can dominate the other. Unlike the previous 3 matches in the series though, Game 4 happened to be a rout. While they haven’t been as consistent, the Dodgers’ hitters came through with their best outing yet. Cody Bellinger had himself a night with his performance in the 7th and 9th innings. Aside from the hitters, the Dodgers’ bullpen also showed resilience. After giving up 5 runs in Game 3, Alex Wood and company limited that number to 2 in Game 4.

Battle of the bullpens

As you’d expect the game 3 of the Astros versus Dodgers World Series started out slow. The first couple of innings featured strikeouts and great defense from both squads. Alex Wood was off to a great start as was Charlie Morton. Though he only had 3 strikeouts, Wood was exceptionally good at managing the Astros’ hitters. He was effective at baiting out groundouts and was smart enough to give walks. Despite this, he did manage to give up a fly ball to George Springer at the bottom of the 6th.

Morton on the other hand, fared better. In 6+ innings, he struck out 7 Dodgers hitters and was extremely effective on the mound. Unfortunately, he gave up a double to Cody Bellinger in the 7th inning. Not wanting to tax his starter, A.J. Hinch chose to then replace him with Will Harris. This ended up being a bad move as Harris then gave up a line drive single to Logan Forsythe. Thanks to this, Cody Bellinger managed to score and tie up the game 1-1.

Redemption for Cody Bellinger

Prior to the 7th inning of Game 4, Cody Bellinger hadn’t been much of a factor for LA. To say that he sucked in this Astros versus Dodgers World Series would be an understatement. Thankfully, he managed to turn things around just in time. After scoring the run in the 7th inning, he somehow found his confidence again. With 2 bases loaded at the top of the 9th, Bellinger hit a line drive double off of Ken Giles. This allowed Corey Seager to score and gave the Dodgers a 2-1 lead.

With Charlie Culberson pinch running for Justin Turner on 3rd base, the Astros opted for another pitcher change. Joe Musgrove replaced Ken Giles and struck out Yasiel Puig on the next at bat. After this, Musgrove walked Forsythe in the hopes of getting a 3-for-1. Unfortunately, he gave Austin Barnes a sacrificial fly that allowed Charlie Culberson to score. In the next at bat, he gave up a dinger to Joc Pederson. This then resulted in runs for Bellinger and Forsythe as well as a 6-1 lead for the Dodgers.

The Astros couldn’t hit

Unlike the past two games in Astros versus Dodgers World Series, Houston’s hitters just couldn’t hit in Game 4. The 9th inning saw Brian McCann hit a ground out while George Springer struck out. Alex Bergman managed to hit a dinger to cut down LA’s lead to 4, 6-2. However, that was the last run for the Astros. On the nex at bat, Jose Altuve hit a fly ball that Chris Taylor easily caught to end the game.

What to expect from Astros versus Dodgers World Series Game 3

From this point on, expect the Astros versus Dodgers World Series is to get more interesting. Clayton Kershaw is going to start for LA which has to worry Houston. Kershaw has been a beast in the postseason especially in Game 1 of this series. On the other hand, the Astros will have Dallas Keuchel starting. His matchup against Kershaw saw Keuchel uncharacteristically allowing six hits and 3 runs. Not really encouraging but the Astros really have no choice in the matter. Game 5 will be crucial for Houston considering Games 6 and 7 will be in LA. As for the Dodgers, a win and they’ll have a chance to close out the series at home in Game 6.


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