Astros versus Dodgers World Series Game 5: What did I just watch?!

Astros versus Dodgers World Series Game 5: What did I just watch?!

Houston goes 3-2 after a wild Astros versus Dodgers World Series Game 5 that went an extra inning

Astros versus Dodgers World Series game 5 was undoubtedly the highlight of this postseason. Whether it was strikeouts or homers, you name it, this match had it. Cody Bellinger continued where he left off from game 4 and was hitting hard against the Astros. Unfortunately for him and the Dodgers, Houston was also hitting back hard. Jose Altuve, Carlos Correa, and George Springer all hit homers against a formidable LA bullpen. Both teams were so good that it took an extra inning to decide the match!

Dodgers continue their momentum

LA started this Astros versus Dodgers World Series game 5 match-up with a dominant 1st inning. A Logan Forsythe single against Dallas Keuchel resulted in scoring runs by Chris Taylor and Justin Turner. After this, Forsythe managed to steal 2nd base which led to Enrique Hernandez scoring another run. Keuchel and the Astros somewhat stopped the bleeding when they forced Yasiel Puig to a ground out. Unfortunately, Houston’s hitters still couldn’t get going. After the first inning, the Dodgers found themselves with a 3-0 lead.

Houston ties it up in the 4th

It was in the 4th inning that the Astros versus Dodgers World Series game 5 match went into high gear. After Logan Forsythe scored on an Austin Barnes single, it looked like LA was winning the match. Unfortunately, the Astros had ideas of their own. Now down 4-0, Houston started its counter-attack at the bottom of the fourth. A George Springer run off of a Carlos Correa line drive double put the Astros on the scoreboard. Following this, Yuli Gurriel hit a 3-run homer to finally even things out at 4-4.

The craziness continues in the 5th inning!

As if the fourth inning wasn’t enough, the craziness of Astros versus Dodgers World Series game 5 continued in the 5th. Collin McHugh relieved Luke Gregerson and started the inning on the mound for the Astros. He promptly walked Corey Seager and Justin Turner then struck out Enrique Hernandez. With one out and two bases loaded, he found himself facing off against Cody Bellinger. Unfortunately for McHugh and the Astros, Bellinger hit the 5th pitch and scored a 3-run homerun. Again, the Dodgers found themselves up by 3, 7-4.

Unsurprisingly, Houston didn’t seem to be fazed with the Dodgers’ 3-run lead. Kenta Maeda replaced Clayton Kershaw after the ace walked George Springer and Alex Bergman. At the next at-bat, Jose Altuve then gave Maeda a rude welcome with a fly ball to centerfield for a 3-run homerun. With the score at 7-7, the Astros were looking at a tied game again.

Houston takes the lead

Things started to heat up again during 7th inning of this Astros versus Dodgers World Series game 5 matchup. Cody Bellinger helped break the deadlock when his line drive triple resulted in a Justin Turner score. Thankfully for the Astros, that was the last hit and run Brad Peacock gave up in this inning. When it was their turn, Houston’s hitters were relentless in attacking Brandon Morrow. George Springer opened things up by hitting a homer to tie the game again at 8-8. After this, a Jose Altuve line drive double then resulted in an Alex Bergman run. Feeling the pressure, Morrow threw a wild pitch to Carlos Correa that allowed Altuve to reach 3rd base. Correa then hit a fly ball to left field that resulted in a 2-run homer for the Astros. More importantly, the sequence gave the home team a 3-run, 11-8 advantage.

LA ties things up in the 9th

Houston only maintained its 3-run lead going into the 9th inning. However, LA had other plans for Astros versus Dodgers World Series game 5. Knowing how dangerous Cody Bellinger was, Chris Devenski let him walk on the inning’s first at-bat. Unfortunately, this set up a 2-run homerun when he allowed Yasiel Puig to hit a line drive to left field. Now, the Astros were holding on to just a 1-point, 12-11 lead.

After the Puig homer, Devenski gave up a line drive double to Austin Barnes. He then made up for this by forcing a ground out of Joc Pederson. The problem was that he let Chris Taylor hit a ground ball single that allowed Barnes to score. Suddenly, the Dodgers were back in the game at 12-12. Houston could still have won this at the bottom of the ninth. Thankfully for LA, Kenley Jansen managed to deny the Astros hitters.

Houston comes out on top

This memorable Astros versus Dodgers World Series game 5 match finally came to a head in the 10th inning. Joe Musgrove replaced Chris Devenski and proceeded to only allow 1 hit the entire inning. Kenley Jansen on the other hand, started out strong on the mound for the Dodgers. He forced an Evan Gattis ground out and struck out Marwin Gonzalez. However, he hit Brian McCann on the next at-bat. After this, he walked George Springer who already had 3 homeruns. With 2 outs and 2 bases loaded, the Astros only needed one run to win the game. Then, Alex Bergman hit a line drive single that allowed Derek Fisher to score. Just like that, the Astros ended the game 13-12 and are now up 3-2 in the series.

The Dodgers will regroup in LA

Winning the Astros versus Dodgers World Series game 5 would have been big for LA. Regardless of the loss and series deficit though, they still own homecourt advantage. With that said, their margin for error will be relatively small. The Astros’ hitters are in rhythm and are looking dangerous. If they want to win Game 6, the Dodgers will need to have their bullpen at full strength. As for Houston, its hitters need to continue being aggressive and hunt for homers in Game 6. Like LA, the Astros’ bullpen hasn’t been that stellar in terms of limiting opponent hits.


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