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Welcome to iPLAY® All Sports, a place where sports enthusiasts from all over the world can come together to keep up with the latest sports news and interact like never before.

Behind this multi-faceted platform is a team of industry experts brought together by iPLAY’s® founder, who himself has over 13 years’ experience in television broadcasting, as well as 17 years in web design and development. With talent, drive and many long hours, this team has created an outstanding global social sporting community where the voice of common fans and players, can be heard alongside the ‘movers and shakers’ in the world of sports.

School teams, college clubs, sports clubs, coaches, individual athletes, supportive mums and dads, and fans of all ages/levels are united by a common passion – the love of sports. With iPLAY® everyone is invited to participate in this revolutionary social sporting platform by signing up to become a contributor. From there, users can then build their popularity and advance to author status to be featured on the exclusive front page feed as well as our online magazine.

iPLAY® All Sports has been designed a wide array of features to create the ultimate social sporting experience. Join the community and enjoy:

  • Up-to-the-moment feed from all the top sports media outlets around the globe
  • A user-friendly, responsive design that will scale to any device
  • Multi-language capability allowing users to read and interact in over 53 unique languages!
  • An on-site magazine showcasing feature stories and related ad copy
  • Site-wide scoreboard statistics for every sport!
  • Over 48 forums for fans to chat, report conversations, upload files and even play games
  • Free advertising for any sporting events or community announcements!
  • Current sporting game and movie reviews with a place for users to share their thoughts, and leave ratings
  • Share your location provides local time and 7 day weather forecast
  • Login to iPlay® Social from your current Facebook, Google, Twitter or Instagram account and stay connected 24/7!
  • And much more… Please visit about Social Features.

Be the first to experience a virtual community free of politics and prejudice, a world where both beginner and #1 player are considered equals. Learn, connect, interact and share your passion no matter what the sport! It’s all here and ready to ignite a whole new movement in social sporting media.

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