Tony Romo Retires, Will Go into Broadcasting with CBS

Tony Romo Retires, Will Go into Broadcasting with CBS

After weeks of speculation, Tony Romo announces retirement from pro football and start of a new career in broadcasting.

Tony Romo is finally hanging up his jersey after 13 fruitful years as the guy behind center for the Dallas Cowboys. After coming out of nowhere to take the starting QB post from Drew Bledsoe, Romo winds up what has become a colorful career. The East Illinois product came out of nowhere and made the Cowboys a competitive regular season teams for most of his 13-year stint. Statistically, he was also one of the best the game has ever seen. Really, his individual brilliance was only eclipsed by the Cowboys’ post-season failings.

Impressive Stats

A lot of things stand out when talking about Tony Romo and his career. For me though, he’ll be remembered most for the stats that he put up. As the starting QB for the Cowboys, Romo didn’t have a season where he averaged less than 60% on his completion rate. At the peak of his career in 2012, he managed to throw for a whopping 4903 yards and 28 touchdowns. For his career, he boasts of a 65.3% pass completion percentage and a 248-117 TD-INT ratio. Additionally, he retires with 34,183 passing yards and a passer rating of 97.1.

Of course, there are more accomplished QBs than him statistically. What made Tony Romo special though goes deeper than his stats. Together with the Patriots’ Tom Brady and the Rams’ Kurt Warner, Romo helped defined a generation. As an undrafted QB out of East Illinois, he defied the odds and succeeded on a high level. With that said, his individual success has also brought with it an equally high level of scrutiny for his game.

Not-so impressive Results

For all his impressive stats, Tony Romo shockingly has only 6 playoffs games to his name. That’s crazy considering how productive he was as a QB. What’s even more shocking than the 6 playoffs wins is the fact that he never managed to make it to the big stage. Despite the 4 Pro-Bowl appearances, Romo has never played in a Super Bowl (much less win one). Of course, this doesn’t detract from how good he was as a QB. However, it does put somewhat of a dent on his legacy.

What happens to the Cowboys without Tony Romo now?

With Dak Prescott’s performance last season, it’s safe to say that the Cowboys will do just fine without Tony Romo. In fact, Dak’s performance was one of the reasons for Romo’s move to broadcasting. As the starting QB, Prescott managed to steer the Cowboys to an impressive 13-3 regular season. Unfortunately, the team lost in the Divisional round to an inspired Packers team led by Aaron Rodgers. With that said, they are poised to still be on top of the NFC East provided their young stars can keep out of trouble.

The Texans screwed themselves

While Tony Romo was able to close his career on his terms, his retirement still affected some teams in a way. The Houston Texans were one of a couple of teams that desperately wanted to get Romo. How desperate were the Texans? Well, they actually went ahead and traded their starting QB, Brock Osweiler, to the Cleveland Browns. Now that Romo is with CBS, the Texans are worse off without a starting QB. There are still some free-agent QBs available like Tom Savage and Colin Kaepernick but they come with caveats. Savage hasn’t managed to stay healthy though and Kaepernick hasn’t been the player he once was.

Do you think it was right for Tony Romo to retire? Could he have stayed another season or two and play with J.J. Watts in Houston? How about the Cowboys? Can they continue their winning ways without Romo around? Make sure to share your thoughts with us down on the comments section!


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