Mayweather Versus McGregor: Does Anybody Want to Watch This?

Mayweather Versus McGregor: Does Anybody Want to Watch This?

Is there a point to a Mayweather versus McGregor bout?

The Mayweather versus McGregor bout is all but set but is there any point to it? Floyd Mayweather has announced that he’s coming out of retirement again to fight Conor McGregor. Now most fight fans are understandably happy about this news. There has been a clamor for these two to fight since last year. Their social media “banter” in that time has even gone to serve fuel speculation for a possible bout. With this announcement though, I can’t help but think that a possible bout between the two is just a money-grab.

Implications of a Mayweather versus McGregor mega-fight

Make no mistake about it, if it does materialize, Mayweather versus McGregor will be one of the biggest bouts of the year. Heck, it could even end up being one of the biggest in 5 years. Floyd Mayweather has proven himself to be one of boxing’s biggest draws. On the other hand, Conor McGregor is without a doubt the most bankable UFC fighter today. Both have cultivated fanatical followings and are considered the top fighters of their sports. A bout between the both of them is sure to draw both fans of boxing and MMA alike.

A lopsided bout

However, if the bout does materialize, can we really expect it to be any good? Remember, Conor McGregor is an MMA fighter first and foremost. Yes, he has a great striking game but that doesn’t necessarily translate well to the boxing ring? And knowing Floyd Mayweather, I doubt that he’ll want to mix things up in the Octagon under UFC/MMA rules. The way I see it, Conor McGregor isn’t doing himself any favors by fighting Floyd Mayweather in the boxing ring. For all his speed and power, Manny Pacquiao couldn’t even touch Mayweather when they fought. And you’re telling me that McGregor could win the bout against him?

Of course, there are pundits that believe Conor McGregor can win the bout. Joe Rogan is one guy who thinks the Irishman has a chance. In his podcast, he talks about McGregor having a height and weight advantage over Mayweather. Of course, he also gives the caveat that the UFC Champion’s chances are tied to how Floyd is going to approach the bout. Rogan notes that McGregor can dominate if Mayweather takes him for granted. While I do agree with that, I also don’t think that’s reaching a bit. If there’s one thing I’ve noticed about Mayweather, it’s the fact that he takes his training and conditioning seriously.

Tepid welcome?

Another telling aspect of this possible Mayweather versus McGregor bout is the fact that outside of the UFC and TMT, the reactions of pundits haven’t been as enthusiastic. Yes, fight fans are psyched that this is happening but analysts are taking the news with a grain of salt. It’s especially telling when you have the Daily Mail as one of the top results when search for the term “Mayweather versus McGregor”. With that said, there’s still a long ways off before the date of the purported fight. I’m pretty sure that McGregor and Mayweather will turn on the hype machine to drum up interest in the bout. Whether the bout ends up entertaining though, is another matter. In any case, both of these fighters are going to finish the night a couple of million dollars richer.

What are your thoughts on the Floyd Mayweather’s announcement to come out of retirement? Do you think a Mayweather versus McGregor bout is something that fight fans want to see? Is there even a point in watching both of these champions fight? Don’t forget to share your thoughts about this dream match-up down in the comments section!


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