2017 World Series Game 7 Results: The Astros did it!

2017 World Series Game 7 Results: The Astros did it!

The Houston Astros handily beat the Los Angeles Dodgers in game 7 of the 2017 World Series to win their first Commissioner’s Trophy in franchise history.

The Astros winning the 2017 World Series has to be one of the best sports stories this year. After the devastation of Hurricane Harvey, Houston now has something to celebrate. George Springer again came up big for the Astros with his clutch hitting. On the mound, the Astros bullpen did a fine job of giving the Dodgers’ hitters different looks.

Fast start for the Astros

Houston opened the last game of the 2017 World Series quite aggressively. The Astros hitters found the ball early and often with Yu Darvish on the mound for LA. George Springer started things off with a line drive double off of Darvish. Springer then scored a run after a throwing error by Cody Bellinger on the next at-bat. The Dodgers tried to set things right on the next play with a Jose Altuve groundout. Unfortunately, this also allowed Alex Bregman to score a run. LA managed to stem the bleeding by taking out Correa and Yuli Gurriel in the next at-bats. With that said, they still found themselves behind 2-0 at the end of the 1st inning. At this point, the World Series was still within grasp for the Dodgers.

Houston has no problem hitting

Of course, the Astros had World Series aspirations of their own. And like the Dodgers, they were intent on winning Game 7. One of the issues that plagued Houston in Game 6 of the 2017 World Series was their hitting. Or to be precise, their inability to hit consistently. As they’ve done the whole series though, the Astros somehow managed to fix this issue. Houston’s hitters continuously harrased Yu Darvish to start the 2nd inning. A Lance McCullers ground out resulted in a completed run by Brian McCann. Following this, Darvish then gives up a 2-run homer to George Springer. With the Astros up, 5-0, Dave Roberts was forced to replace Darvish with Brandon Morrow.

The Dodgers can’t dodge Lance McCullers Jr’s pitches

Though he’s not the most experienced pitcher in the Astros’ bullpen, Lance McCullers Jr. is definitely smart. Despite only 2 strikeouts, McCullers managed to get the Dodgers’ hitters off their rhythm. How was he able to do it you, you ask? Well, he did so by hitting LA’s best hitters with his pitches. In his nearly 3 innings on the mound, his pitches found their way to a player four times. Two of these were against Justin Turner and one found its way to Yasiel Puig. Thanks to these, the Dodgers couldn’t respond to Houston’s early hitting barrage.

It took until the sixth inning for Los Angeles to finally get on the board. This was when designated pinch-hitter Andre Ethier replaced Clayton Kershaw at bat. Ethier then hit a ground ball single that allowed Joc Pederson to score the Dodgers’ lone point. After this, Charlie Morton and the Astros regained control of the game again. From the 7th inning onwards, Houston never gave up a single hit. Game 7 of the 2017 World Series ended with a resounding 5-1 win for the Astros.

An entertaining end to the season

The 2017 World Series was perhaps one of the most entertaining in recent memory. Game 5 was especially memorable thanks to the impressive display of hitting from both teams. And while we would have wanted the series to go on forever, it obviously has to end. Thankfully for the Astros, their hitters have been pretty consistent the whole series long. This coupled with the Dodgers’ performance on the mound made the difference in Game 7.


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