The Matthew Dellavedova Movie and Why it Matters

The Matthew Dellavedova Movie and Why it Matters

With news of a Matthew Dellavedova movie in the works, we check out why it matters and what we can expect

Of all the films to be released in 2017, the one that I’m most excited for would be the Matthew Dellavedova movie. Why you ask? Because there has been a dearth of movies centered around basketball for such a long time. Additionally, I actually am a fan of Delly’s game. Though he’s not the most athletic nor the fastest point guard in the league right now, he’s pretty stable and knows how to use his head. So what can we reasonably expect from Delly’s upcoming movie in 2017?


According to reports, the Matthew Dellavedova movie (no working title as of yet) will be produced by Zachary Green and Jason Shuman. Green has worked on numerous films and TV series since 2001. The most prominent of these for me would have to be American Chopper which had gone on for 25 episodes. As for Shuman, he’s worked on the Anger Management TV series as well as the 2008 Nicolas Cage film, Bangkok Dangerous.

So knowing who’s in charge of the production, what are some reasonable expectations for this movie then? First off, don’t expect this to win an Academy Award. With that said, I don’t think that it’s going to necessarily suck as well. What’s crucial here really is who Green and Shuman hire to star and direct the movie. If they do well in getting good actors and directors then I doubt that the movie’s going to be bad. It’s probably not going to be on the level of Spike Lee’s “He Got Game” but it doesn’t really have to.

What I want to see from a Matthew Dellavedova movie

For me, “He Got Game” was an exploration of the dynamics between parents and children and how basketball figures in that. The Matthew Dellavedova movie, if we are to believe the reports, will be a biopic. It’s likely going to depict how he went from Maryborough, Australia to the Cleveland Cavaliers. There’s a lot to like about Delly’s story. How he went undrafted in the 2013 NBA Draft to become an important rotation player for the Cavs through hard work.

Personally, that’s what I would want the movie to highlight. The fact that it’s possible to become successful in the NBA with hard work. Additionally, I’d also like for the Matthew Dellavedova movie to put a spotlight on his 2014-15 season. Most especially when the Cavs lost the NBA Finals to the Warriors in 6 games. His performance in that series was perhaps one of the reasons why I grew to respect Delly’s game. With Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love injured, he worked together with Lebron James to almost give Cleveland its first championship.

For real though

Take note though that these are mainly just my ideas on how a Matthew Dellavedova movie should be. If these do push through, it’ll be hard to get players like Lebron James, Kyrie Irving, Stephen Curry, and Klay Thompson to appear on a movie where they’re not the protagonists. I would think that a more realistic approach would be for the movie to follow Dellavedova’s journey from high school to college in America. The question then would be: “who’s going to watch this?”

As a basketball fan, I’d be down to watch this movie but what about casual fans? It’s highly likely that the movie is going to be targeted at the Australian market. This is in consideration for the big following Delly has over there.

What do you think about the reported Matthew Dellavedova movie? Do you reckon it’s going to be a big hit or will it end up being a bust? Also, do you think Matthew Dellavedova merits having a movie made about him? Share your thoughts with us by hitting up the comments section below!


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