Gennady Golovkin Stops Kell Brook In Fifth Round

Gennady Golovkin Stops Kell Brook In Fifth Round

A good early showing by Kell Brook wasn’t enough to stop Gennady Golovkin from defending his WBC, IBO, and IBF middleweight titles.

Gennady Golovkin proved once again that he was the best middleweight boxer in the world today. GGG retained his WBC, IBO, and IBF middleweight titles after being tested by former welterweight champ Kell Brook. The Kazakh further improved his standing with a 36-0 record while Brook took the first loss of his professional career.

Anatomy of the Fight

Golovkin was heavily favored going into the fight. However, a lot of pundits were counting on Brook to make it interesting. And it did end up more than interesting. The first round saw Golovkin trying to pressure the British fighter with his fearsome power punches. These connected early but then Brook retaliated with jabs of his own. GGG tries to corner Brook into the ropes and ends up converting on a good body blow. Again, Brook retaliates and is able to land a left hook followed up by a jab. This gets the crowd off their feet as the round ends.

While Gennady Golovkin dominated Round 1, it was a different matter for Round 2. Now wary of Brook’s combinations and counters, Golovkin tries to keep him from closing the gap. Brook though, had other plans. He continued to pepper the champ with jabs and then followed these up with combinations. An uppercut followed by a right hand results in a bloodied Golovkin who still tries to counter with his own left hook. The round ends as a Brook win.

Gennady Golovkin Fights Back

The third round starts with a Gennady Golovkin who’s determined to get back momentum. He aggressively pursues Brook and is able to connect on a solid right-hander. On the other hand, Brook also isn’t backing down from the champion’s aggression. He lands an uppercut with his right that makes the crowd go wild. This only serves to infuriate Golovkin more as he unleashed a couple of heavy blows again. Scoring for the round is close with Golovkin getting in a little more hits compared to Brook.

Much like the second round, Brook goes off early on the champ in the fourth. He connects on a jab that earns him a nod from the champ. For his part, Golovkin seemed to be content on going for Brook’s body in this round. The challenger was in complete control as he sidestepped and landed combinations against GGG. He then connects on a left hook as a follow up to a blocked uppercut to cap off the fourth round.

A Broken Eye Socket

Kell Brook’s round four win was short-lived though as Gennady Golovkin again went on the offensive in round five. He started the round pressuring Brook on the ropes where he rained down blows on the challenger. Brook manages to get away from the ropes but it’s evident that he sustained damage. There was already swelling on his right eye from the round 3 punishment he got from the champ. Golovkin capitalized on this and again placed the challenger on the ropes. Seeing the difficulty his fighter was having, trainer Dominic Ingle threw in the towel to stop the bout. Golovkin retained his middleweight titles and proved once again that he’s the best in the middleweight division.

What’s Next For Golovkin And Brook?

Although he lost, Kell Brook was actually the bigger winner in this fight. Everyone expected GGG to win but nobody expected him to work hard for it. Brook gained a lot of believers but he’s still not cut out for the middleweight. The power of the fighters in this division is really just too much for him. The problem now is that he doesn’t have any fights left in welterweight. He’ll still make for a solid middleweight but don’t expect him to compete for titles the way he did in the welterweight division.

As for Gennady Golovkin, I still think that he’s still not getting the appreciation he deserves. The only thing that could change that right now is a Canelo Alvarez bout. Of course, that’s easier said than done considering Canelo’s camp seems to be averse to the idea. On the other hand, they just might consider it now that they’ve seen GGG’s fight against Brook. Against a quality pure-boxer, Golovkin wasn’t as effective and his punches weren’t as accurate. Brook was also able to hurt GGG and Canelo is most certainly a stronger puncher than the Brit. Will we see a fight between these two next year? Who knows. What I do know is that they’ll only hurt their stock if they don’t face each other in the ring soon.


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