Raul Mondesi Leads Kansas City Royals Past Red Sox

Raul Mondesi Leads Kansas City Royals Past Red Sox

The Kansas City Royals get a much needed win against the Boston Red Sox thanks to a Raul Mondesi triple.

Raul Mondesi just gave the Kansas City Royals a chance to defend their World Series title after helping the team win against the Red Sox. With bases loaded in the top of the 6h, the right fielder hit a crucial triple that resulted in three runs. More importantly, that Mondesi triple fueled the Royals’ 8-runs in that same inning. Aside from Mondesi, Salvador Perez and Eric Hosmer gave solid contributions for the recently surging Royals.

Strong Starts

Going into the game though, the Royals had a lot on their plate. After all, the Red Sox were currently second in the AL East with a 72-57. Additionally, Boston gave the Kansas City Royals one of the four losses in its 21-game run.

The Royals were able to get off to a quick start with a Salvador Perez homer and a Alex Gordon run off of a Paulo Orlando fly ball. After that though, Red Sox pitcher Eduardo Rodriguez immediately bounced back. He eventually ended the top of the 2nd by striking out Cheslor Cuthbert. Boston then got pay back in the bottom of the fourth with David Ortiz stepping up to the plate. Ortiz hit his 534th homer off of Yordano Ventura to cut down the Royals’ lead to 1.

Boston Builds A Two Run-Lead

Capitalizing off of the Ortiz homer, Boston again came up big at the bottom of the third. They were again able to score but this time with a Chris Young run off a Brock Holt grounder. This was then followed by Sandy Leon and Jackie Bradley Jr. Runs off of a single by a Xander Bogaerts single. At this point, the Kansas City Royals had to take out Ventura for Matt Strahm and break Boston’s momentum. The strategy proved effective as Bogaerts got tagged out after an Ortiz grounder.

Raul Mondesi Helps The Royals Hit Their Stride

Down by two after the 5th inning, the Royals continued their attack on Red Sox pitchers. After allowing loading the bases at the top of the fifth, the Red Sox relieved starting pitcher Rodriguez with Matt Barnes. Unfortunately, Barnes wasn’t able to take advantage of the loaded bases and gave up a single to Alcides Escobar that resulted in a Hosmer run. With the bases still loaded, Barnes gave up another hit, this time to Raul Mondesi. The Mondesi triple resulted in runs for Morales, Perez, and Escobar. More importantly though, it gave the lead back to the Royals.

Sensing that the game was inching away from them, Boston again tried to halt the Kansas City Royals momentum. Barnes inadvertently hit CF Orlando with a pitch that resulted in a walk. Unfortunately for Barnes, he again failed to capitalize with two bases loaded. After Barnes walked, Cuthbert hit a grounder that resulted in a Mondesi run. This was then followed by another run scored, this time by Orlando, off of a Lorenzo Cain single. At this point, Red Sox Manager John Farrell had Barnes relieved in favor of Robbie Ross Jr. Unfortunately, the damage had already been done with Boston now down 8-4. Ross Jr. further exacerbated the team’s woes when Hosmer hit a single that led to Cuthbert and Cain scoring a run each. The Royals ended the game 10-4 and continued their assault on the AL Central’s top spot.

Can the Royals Continue Their Surge?

Currently sitting at third in the AL Central, many (including me) were thinking that the Royals’ season was over. Of course, the current World Series champions aren’t having any of that. The Royals have turned their fortunes around this month with some really inspired play. How inspired? Well, including the win today, they’ve already won 17 of their last 21 games. I’m still not sure though whether they can continue their winning ways. With the competition in the AL Central, it does seem like a possibility though. Right now, they’re only 5 and half games in their division so it should be interesting how they’ll finish the regular season.


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