Football Manager 2016: As Real As It Gets

Have you ever told yourself “Oh, that guy knows nothing! Why didn’t he play that player? Why didn’t he extend the contract with that player?” Think you know the job better than the actual managers?

Prove it here! Football Manager 2016 is guaranteed to challenge your football managing skills and knowledge to the test!

Another year, another Football manager. The single most reigning champion of it’s kind! Not a single simulation has ever been as close as successful as this jewel. What does this year hold for us? Let us find out, shall we?

Oh, it’s way too complex for me! Is there an easier way to play it?

One of the most common reception from the players is complexity of the game. And many reviews on steam show that the players mostly bash Football Manager by stating only two words. “Too hard”. As i said in the intro, if you think you can do a better job than the real deal, prove it! It is more realistic and you have to do all the jobs the regular manager does on daily basis. By saying “too hard” you give no valid argument! The game is indeed complex and that is what makes it the best.

Mastering the menu might take you some time. Veteran players might expect 2-3 hours of time invested in getting around the menu, while newbie’s might settle for 4-5.

What makes Football Manager fun?

Oh, where do i start?! Lower tier clubs are the most fun to manage. Why? Because you have to think about every dollar you spend, even on free agents! You must look at vages every now and then and even release players. It’s a long way to the top, but if you play your cards right, nothing can stop you!

What about 3D system? Is it better this year?

Let us make no mistake. This cannot look as amazing as PES or FIFA. This is what it is, a simulation. Of course, animations could be better and AI might be a little more optimised, but where is the fun in playing a game where your players obey you?

What about the matches? How do you get “into” them?

They are quite elaborate. Team talks, press conference and of course, tactical manoeuvres are very well done! There is no going trough the whole season in a day any more. And that is just fine! It makes the whole game a lot more special and memorable. Winning by a goal that was scored in the dying seconds of the game..priceless!

Would you recommend Football Manager and how would you rate it?

I personally find this the best sports game in 2016! Why? Because it is just what it is and it is the best at doing what it offers.

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