Odell Beckham Jr To Be Fined For Part Fighting Josh Norman

Odell Beckham Jr To Be Fined For Part Fighting Josh Norman

Odell Beckham Jr.’s dirty plays in last night’s loss against the Carolina Panthers will undoubtedly result in fines as well as a possible suspension.

Odell Beckham Jr. almost handed the Carolina Panthers its first loss of the season. Instead, the New York Giants star will be facing fines and a possible suspension. This is thanks to some extracurricular activities and dirty plays that he directed against the Panthers’ Josh Norman.

The Best and Worst of Odell Beckham Jr.

After trailing most of the game, Beckham proved instrumental in bringing the Giants back from a 35-7 deficit. He was able to tie the game by scoring off an Eli Manning touchdown pass. However, his efforts were for naught as Graham Gano gave Carolina the lead for good at 38-35.

On the other hand, the Giants star also showed off his worst behavior of the season. He was actually penalized three times during this game for unsportsmanlike conduct. Most of his aggression was targeted at Josh Norman, the Panthers’ cornerback.

The NFL is sure to be on Beckham’s back with a fine that could start at around $11,576. This is just the minimum for a first offense though so it could get higher depending on the officials’ review. As for the suspension, it might still be a long shot considering this is possibly Beckham’s first of the season.

Giants Out of the Playoffs?

The Giants are undoubtedly having one of their worst seasons. Their opponents seem to have no problems scoring against them when it mattered. A good example would be the last Gano play that gave the Panthers the win.

Odell Beckham getting a suspension will obviously affect the Giants adversely moving forward. He leads the Giants with 1396 yards this season and currently has 13 TDs to his name. The 15.3 yards he averages per game is also the highest on the team. Take that away and New York will have to rely more on Reuben Randle and Eli Manning.

With their 6-8 record, the pressure is on New York to win their two remaining games. If the Eagles lose against the Cardinals today then they’ll have a relatively easier time. Washington and Philadelphia ending up in a tie for their game next week would also help their chances. However, these are just ideal scenarios. The Giants’ season so far has been far from ideal.

Make no mistake about it. The Giants can still turn things around. However, they’ll need a lot of luck if they hope to still be in the running for the playoffs.

Cam Newton and the Panthers Are Unreal

The Panthers on the other hand are close to unstoppable right now. Cam Newton has been playing on another level the whole season and its showing on the win column. He was the only player on the field who kept his cool when the Giants mounted their comeback. If it weren’t for him, Gano wouldn’t have had the 43-yard kick on a tee opportunity.

It would be interesting to see how Newton and the Panthers will fare in the playoffs. They’ll likely go up against the Vikings or the Packers. Both these teams of course were soundly beaten by the Panthers but you’ll never really know what happens in January.

If the Giants somehow get into the playoffs, it’s very likely that they’ll get booted by the Seahawks. The way they’re defending right now makes me skeptical of their chances of success in the Wildcard round.

Do you think Odell Beckham Jr. should be penalized for fighting with Josh Norman? What about your thoughts on the New York Giants’ chances of making the playoffs? Don’t forget to share it with us down on the comments section!



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